August 21, 2014

Hello, Folks,

Well, it isn’t like there is anything like a “normal” day around here…. got awake last night around 3 a.m. with my dogs in a tither. The rez dogs were harassing the resident horse. I got in the car, and escorted them all to a different location, hopefully, much safer for the horse.

The school superintendent stopped by to have a chat with me. The two rez dogs who have adopted me have to be immediately relocated. I am looking into shipping costs to New England. I know some of you are vet techs. Anyone interested in picking them up at Bradley Airport?

I stayed late with a student today, making a welcome home sign for a new baby. The child, Liam, is a preemie, born to the student’s cousin. The cousin does not want the baby, so the child is moving in with my student’s family…. already comprised of children from several other relatives. Love is not in short supply out here. Food and other material goods, yes. Love, no.

My dog, Nala, is having a fit living here. She will probably relax once the rez dogs are elsewhere. At the moment, she is happy to be away from the little ones – who are whimpering by the door.

I am hungry for roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, and vegetables. Not sure they’re on the menu, but that’s what I’m hungry for…. thought you should know. I could use some fortification. Apple pie for dessert sounds good, too.

Maeda and I went walking on the road to Grasshopper the other night. Met some more locals, saw the ribcage of a deceased horse. Rumor has it the elk are in the meadow, and the males will be bugling and rutting soon. Should be interesting.

Last weekend I was invited to attend a Sunrise Dance for a young woman. I ended up not going, as the more I learned about it, the more it seemed inappropriate for me to go. Being an Outsider is ok, being a tourist at a sacred Apache ceremony seemed like a foolish idea. I opted for staying home.

The invitation prompted a chat with my principal, though. I really like this guy, and hope to be on his staff for some time to come.

Thanks for caring about me and my pack. Sadie and MacBeth need a home as soon as possible. They can not live here; Maeda and Nala objected long before Hannah and Abbi moved in.

Off to scour the cupboards in search of dinner.

Be blessed. I know I am.


Amy Reifsnyder

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