Farmington, New Mexico 2014

Farmington, New Mexico 2014

The road home was long. I didn’t take photographs. I barely stopped to sleep. I cried a lot. I wondered about many things, not the least of which was where we were headed. I also met some very generous and caring individuals. Yes, they are everywhere. You just need to be in need, and not so gosh-darn independent to meet them.

Farmington, New Mexico


I had heard that it was legal to spend an overnight in a Walmart parking lot. What I didn’t know was how many people do. It was early evening, and I was tired, but not ready to call it a night. Instead, I pulled into the Walmart in Farmington, New Mexico. After seeing to the dogs, I tucked us in for what I hoped would be a short nap. My shoulder hurt from all the tension, and I could not get myself situated enough to sleep. A few hours later, after tossing and turning, and rearranging the jackets in front of the window one more time, I heard a gentle tap on the window. Oh, great.

I pulled down the shirt, and opened the window a crack.
“I was watching you and I could see you can not get comfortable,” said a man outside my car. “Are you hungry? I know it is hard to get comfortable if you are hungry.”

I wasn’t hungry, thank you, just sore.

“Well, I am in the van over there. If you are sure you are not hungry. I will gladly share my dinner with you. We can eat outside, so you don’t have to think I’m up to something.”

No, thank you. We are tired, and sore. Even the dogs didn’t bark at him. I wondered about his meal though, having had experience with loaves and fish before.

“Ramen noodles and anchovies.”

Close enough.

Thank you, but no, we are tired, sore, and heart-broken. I appreciate the offer.

 An hour or so later, I drove toward the Walmart entrance. I stopped beside the cop on patrol to ask about motels in the area. It was late. He gave me directions to a Motel 6, and then suggested that if that didn’t work, I should head to the Walmart on the other side of town, as it was a little safer.
Midnight, and I’m having conversations with police officers about which parking lot to sleep in.

Who would have ever guessed.

We slept in a hotel something that night. Hannah peed on the floor, as was her custom as soon as she met a rug. We got up early, and headed into town.
Farmington, New Mexico.

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