September 19, 2014

Dear Friends and Relations;

It is Friday. At the end of the work day, after most of the building was uninhabited, I received a visit from the housing maintenance supervisor. He came with a grim expression, bearing a copy of the housing contract. I opened the folder, and, highlighted in yellow, was the line that residents in teacher housing may have only two pets. In case you’ve lost count, I have four dogs.

I read the contract, and discovered I have somewhere between 5 and 10 days to remove either myself with dogs, or two dogs. The time frame is at the discretion of the superintendent. You remember him, don’t you? He’s the guy who pulled me out of my class to let me know if I didn’t take care of the strays on our block, he would have someone come over from San Carlos and take them out to the other side of the rez, and shoot them. (Does anyone know the number to the SPCA?)

Sadie went to a no-kill shelter. The yellow dog is supposedly being adopted by one of the bus drivers.

I still have two extra dogs. They are mine. I am theirs.

And, I have been informed by said dog-slayer that either the dogs go, or I go with them.

I’ve been looking for affordable housing for the bunch of us for about a month already. No luck. Lots of places for sale, but not for rent.

I have also asked around to see if there was a suitable home for my pups – whom I really do not want to part with, anyway. No takers. And now I have a real deadline.

I need some serious prayer about this. I am not terminating my dogs’ lives for the sake of a job. ‘Goes against my religion (see Job 12: 7-10).

I have applied to teach across the rez at Whiteriver. I will also be heading to CC tomorrow to see if there are any housing options there,  about 35 miles from school. I like it there, and I don’t know why. I will continue to scour the region for options.

The rez is a hard place to adapt to. I enjoy my critters, and have been adapting our house to accommodate them. The maintenance guy is right upset about this, and has offered to help find a home for me and/or the dogs. The dogs have helped make the transition to Arizona more bearable. And, I am sure that even if I part with two dogs, Señor Dog-Slayer will find something else wrong with me and or my work. He’s that kind of guy. No kidding.

Anyway, it’s about the dogs, again. The local packs kill one another regularly, and the residents who keep them have barely enough money to feed themselves, let alone the dogs. The culture is very different, and I am not willing to sacrifice my dogs for the sake of this culture. Please pray, and send good thoughts.

Your favorite mutt,


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