and so did John


Preacher’s Boy

Amy Lynn Reifsnyder

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sun Valley Beach Club

Stafford, Connecticut

Tune being modified


Not so very long ago The Man came up to me

‘Said, “Tell me about the boy you used to know.”

I said, “Father, he’s a wild one. His soul’s a bit too free.

To tell the Truth, Lord, I just don’t know.


He said, “I’ll send a band of angels down.

We’ll keep an eye on things

If I recall, you said the boy could sing.”

“Why, yes, that’s right, my Father.

That the boy can do.

If you wait until he gets here, I’m sure he’ll sing for you.”


Days went by, then weeks and years

The angels came and went

Then, finally, they reached a Decision.


My Father drew me close to Him,

“I’ve got something I need to say.

The angels asked me special,

Could the Preacher’s Boy come to play.
“They said he has a soulful voice

He plays a mean guitar

But the music of his harp could create a brand new star.


Galaxies of light and love converge

To turn the Darkest Night bright as Day.”
Heaven won’t be

Like it was the day before

The Preacher’s Boy came to play.

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