“Let your light so shine before men …” Matthew 4:16

because of I.B.
One of the best things about being a teacher is to be able to witness joy and wonder on a daily basis. Yes, the students are noisy. Yes, they don’t always do their work. Yes, there are moments when sorting sand particles sounds like a perfect job. And then, there’s today …
One of my students has spent the first three weeks of school pushing behaviors, vocal outbursts, and insolence to see how far they would get him.
They got him into the dean’s office with the principal and his mother.
He arrived in class today, sullen and uncooperative … and then, in the course of conversation, I suggested that, with his skills, he might be elder or council member some day.
He – and a number of his classmates – thought I was joking.
No, I said, you have excellent skills.
Like what? It was a challenge.
So, I listed some of his best attributes: no fear of standing up to authority; the ability to make and keep friends; willingness to defend himself; …
He looked at me doubtfully.
His classmates had stopped talking.
Yes, I said.
 His classroom skills need a tune-up. Now is the time to practice how to behave in community so when he gets out into a leadership role, people will respect him.
I have watched the sun rise after a lonely night.
I have witnessed light rays through mist and pine.
I have celebrated moonlight on the water.
And today. Today, I witnessed the same sort of miracle, the same kind of light.
This is why I teach.

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