Strange but true – Who needs drugs when you have such a brain as I do?

Prayers please. I am being bombarded by negative energy, and an ongoing combination of physical weirdness…. Two weeks ago, I fell at work and sprained my left knee. Workman’s Comp and all that faldarol.
Next, We have three days of training, which means kids who already suffer from abandonment issues got a little testy with the sub.

I now have to use my “mean” voice more than  I like to.

Today? TOday (Tuesday) I had a migraine aura that required two meds and someone else to drive me and my car home.

Good. I’ll see if I can get to Dr. Charles for a tetanus shot; the leash burn from Sunday on the inside of the elbow looks kind of – ick.

No worries … until about 30 minutes later, an allergic reaction takes over my skin, my tongue, and my lips. The lady at the grocery store check out offered to have my whole order returned to the shelves while I went and got help. Kindness is not to be taken lightly.

Hello, EMTs, Paramedics, Emergency Room personnel, and several care providers.And drugs. Let’s not forget the copious quantity of antihistamines 1 and 2; antihistamine that provides stomach relief, which allow me to breath, which make me dizzier than before (I fell in the night, trying to get the dogs out to pee); and which put me to sleep. Include an anti-anxiety med to keep that dreadful feeling of “I’m-a gonna die if my breathing doesn’t improve” at bay.

Now for totally weird? I have not edited this part of what I wrote last night before going to bed. I do not know what sheep I was referring to, nor am I living in my brother’s house.

I will not be driving today. I will avoid the stove. I will avoid many, many things. This is weird….

“Next I’m at home. I may never leave. My left knee is in a brace; my right elbow is in tape; my knowledge of sheep continues to expand; and I am daily reminded that I am a usurper in my brother’s house. I just wish they’d give me the form.”

Any clues?

Feeling Skippy (you might have to be old to remember the program and the kangaroo, Skippy.)

 (Photo from GIF file on Facebook)

PS Be sure to let a friend go shopping with you, lest you come home without the prescription and a cart full of Hershey Chocolate bars, cereal, muffins, frozen coconut bars, and water…..

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