When Water Does Not Cleanse

When Water Does Not Cleanse
September 15, 2018

The places I have lived
Are being hunted by a devouring god
Intent on wiping out the history of my youth
Waters rise and rage
Exchange destruction for memories of growth and laughter
Waterways swirl, enter homes,
Turmoil roils as it strips the walls,
Clears the basement
Molds the already decaying essence of my youth

Water rises, and I hear a song
Reminding me when Oceans Rise
I am still surrounded by Grace of a Higher God
One who understands destruction means Life, not Death

Waters rise
May my faith rise with it
To deny
This devouring god
Satisfaction of wicked intent

~ Amy Lynn Reifsnyder

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina – 1980
Chapel Hill and Wilmington, North Carolina – 1988
Ephrata, Pennsylvania – Hurricane Irene, when my family home was destroyed by rising water that did not cleanse

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