There is more to this. October 28, 2018

Dear Anybody,
I haven’t posted anything in a while. It  isn’t because I’ve been busy – and I have  been. It is because I have been feeling overwhelmed.
There are words for all of this, but they are scattered among the confusion and mayhem I have been trying to avoid.
In the meantime, I have begun an online “course” in gratefulness.
This is sponsored by people I do not know but who speak in a language I used to know and understand.
So, I decided I’d rely on them and their words to balance out the violence, insult, and condemnation that pervades the community where I have been hired to teach.
I’ll tell you about it sometime soon.
But for now, cherish your families, honestly compliment your partner, smile at strangers, and embrace the joy of living.

The following is one of the exercises. We were asked to choose one of four prompts. This is my submission.

My brightest light allows me to see …

Shadow Boxing

Amy Lynn Reifsnyder

October 28, 2018

My brightest light allows me to see that what I may perceive as mistakes in me are really opportunities for blessing. My pride, for instance, requires much attention. While I have considered myself better than others, more intelligent than others, more – whatever – I have learned that pride is not a particularly helpful thing when confronted with a community and a classroom of people whose values are diametrically opposed to just about everything I have ever believed in. I have found myself confronting my paradigms, my training, and my personal experience and coming up short. I have found that what I have believed to be true has been nothing more than cleverly disguised self-righteousness and pride. Consequently, the brightest Light is shining boldly into my shadow regions and casting out the fear and anger that have been skulking around in a drape, a mask of pride.

My brightest light allows me to see myself in a much more realistic pattern, which therefore allows me to become a New Creation.