Come. Lookit…

I hadn’t planned on taking a cross-country expedition with dogs this summer. But since my mom wanted to see me before she forgets everything, Molly and Freckles and I headed east… and north … and south …. and west.
We have re-established our unity as a pack, following the loss of Hannah and Mae.
We are home now, and Glorianna is slowly being integrated into our smaller family.
Time away was a blessing. Time together a healing.
Take to the highways – and then take the back roads in a place you’ve never been before.
Sleep in a strange bed (KOA,Motel 6, a friend’s daughter’s bed) or a strange position (in the car with two dogs).
Rediscover rain, snow, sleet, floods, lightning, and starry nights with constellations you’ve never seen before.
Look for alligators, and be grateful you didn’t see any.
Pray for the driver of the car that flipped onto the highway.
Remember where you came from, so you know you have the strength to go somewhere new.
Breathe deeply, unless you’re in Socorro, Texas. There you want to pray that the air cleaners on the oil stacks work better, and the EPA standards are increased, not removed.
We’re home now. But we’ll go again… we always go again…
It’s a cool planet. Come. Lookit …

The Story of the Prodigal Mother – Part 1 January 3, 2019

I’m going to make this quick because I am exhausted. Tired. Whipped. Overwhelmed.
Why? Because my mother, who has not intentionally spoken to me but once in the past thirty years – and that was twenty-six years ago – called last week. She said before she crossed the river, she wanted me to know where she had gone and what happened to her… “When can be get together?”

I live 2500-ish miles west of my hometown, for, as far as I am concerned, very good reason.
However, since I believe in all that Jesus – Forgiveness Thing, I loaded up the car with two dogs, Molly and Freckles, a couple different bags of clothing – possible funeral; hiking; everyday – some food, and what little money I had if I postponed paying a few bills.
I did not bring the Christmas cards and presents I forgot to post in the midst of the death of Hannah and Maeda.
I did not bring certainty or confidence, either.
After all, this is my mother we’re talking about.

The short version?

I met with her and my step-dad first.
The next visit included my sister, her husband, two of their children, one of their grandchildren; the three daughters of my deceased niece; and the eldest son of my deceased little brother.
I had seen my sister three years ago at my aunt’s funeral – the first time we have spoken in over thirty years.
I had met her husband there.
I had also met one of her granddaughters.

The son of my little brother I haven’t seen in twenty-nine years.

There is still one  more nephew I have never met.

I have a family. Not just two cousins (whom I love and appreciate dearly) and a dotty ninety-two-year-old aunt. (Please don’t tell her I called her ‘dotty’. Actually, she is amazing for her age, but there are times ….). I have parents again – no matter how brief this relationship might be. I have a sister, nieces, grand-nieces, and a nephew or two.

I have a family.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Who needs Hallmark Hall of Fame?