Things to Consider when Hiking Amy Lynn Reifsnyder Originally posted on Facebook, January 7, 2018

I posted this two years ago on my Facebook page. Still relevant. FYI, Maeda was my husky/shepherd. She passed December 2019.

Amy Reifsnyder
January 7, 2018 ·
Things to consider when hiking unknown terrain:
#1. Take at least one bottle of water for each participant, including the dog(s). Sooner or later, someone will need to rehydrate.
Keep in mind, that 30 to 40 minute “walk” you planned may end up being a 3 to 4 hour “hike” if you miss your turn.
#2. Know what time it is, and where the sun is situated in the sky as you leave the house/cabin/tent/whatever.
#3. Remember, the sun “moves” from east to west, through the southern sky.
#4. Do not, under any circumstances, hike unmarked trails on an overcast day. You, too, might be late for dinner. (We’ll discuss a Thanksgiving hike with Maeda some other time….)
#5. Honor. Admire. Revere the elk. But do not follow them. While they may not have bad intent, they most likely are not heading back to your house/car/tent/cabin/whatever.
Fairy light will get you lost, too.
So will your husky.
#6. Be able to recognize your outward bound footprint. You may need to follow it back if you miss a turn or something… just sayin’
#7. Be kind to everyone you meet in the woods. For you will see them again, and remember that you were really not all alone after all.
#8. Keep an eye on the sun, and get lost accordingly. Don’t panic. Orion will be up later, and his belt will show you where the East is as it rises, and where due West is when it sets.
You’ll be fine. Chilly, maybe, but you’ll be fine.
#9. Feel the blessing. Be grateful for the sound of traffic or back hoes, as they may lead you to “civilization”. Don’t worry about your knees; they’ll be fine.

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