Homophobia as an act of distrust in God Amy Lynn Reifsnyder February 2, 2020

Homophobia as an act of distrust in God

Amy Lynn Reifsnyder

February 2, 2020


Have you ever considered that homophobia is an expression of a complete lack of faith? According to religious dogma, the Sons of Adam and Eve were instructed to go forth and bear fruit, populating the world. A little later, the Sons of Abraham and his various women were told their number would be greater than the number of grains of sand along the sea or as many as stars in the sky. Later still, there was the Roman Empire, the Ku Klux Klan, and other imperialistic organizations and hegemonies that strode to populate the earth with mini-Romans, mini-White people, etc.

From the statistics on global population, I’d say they did their job.

However. Swept into this task and ideology are also condemnations of sodomites, people who engage in ‘unnatural’ sex acts – you know, sexual expression without reproduction. And this is where the hate begins, smack dab up against a fear that maybe God won’t be able to populate the earth if manmean (as opposed to mankind) doesn’t take matters in hand and forbid, deny, imprison, murder, etc., those who are not reproducing.

As a side note and short digression, it isn’t just the gay community. Those who were/are barren were/are forbidden, denied, imprisoned, murdered, worldwide. We just blend in easier. If we want, we can even wear false baby bellies and then either have a false miscarriage or adopt someone else’s child.

But back to homophobia.

Have you ever considered that, even without a consensual denial of non-productive sexual behavior, God might just be able to do what He said He would – create descendants that number the stars? Do you really think you are doing His work by rejecting the neighbor, the relative, the co-worker, the barrister, simply because that person’s sexual life – which is really not your business in the first place – doesn’t create babies?

For those of you who don’t live where public stoning is a recourse, I suggest you review the number of suicides, especially by young people, who have had it hammered into them since before their birth that being gay/lesbian is evil, sinful, an act of Satan (aka the Devil), and yet they are gay/lesbian. Homosexual. Generally, we do not dig a hole and toss a sack over their heads before pummeling them to death. We are more subtle. We cause so much internal turmoil and public humiliation that thousands go silently into their death simply because their sexuality interfered with your ability to trust God, and your inability to love them, just as they were made.

This breaks my heart.

Never mind that we are human and Animalia, and there are species among us which switch gender when their communities are overpopulated. Never mind that babies are born with genitalia of both genders. Never mind that many people do ‘choose’ to be gay as a response to sexual abuse. Read that again. People choose to self-identify as homosexual – and suffer all the hate associated with that label – because it is easier than the kick back, rejection, and shunning that too often follow sexual abuse.

Makes a statement, don’t you think? It isn’t just the gay or barren communities you/we are not treating to love and kindness, we are still invoking Old Testament laws that blame the victim, create outcasts.

Which brings me to the Jesus thing. Jesus did not talk about homosexuality as a sin. Paul did. You remember Paul, right? Zealot Roman bent on murdering Christians until he had a vision and then went on to be a heavily publicized pro-Christian Zealot who still retained his Roman inclinations against non-productive sexuality. Paul was still hoping for a Roman empire, albeit full of Christians. His previous ideology included creating mini-Romans, so, it makes sense that he would have a fit about homosexuals. It makes sense, too, from a historical perspective, that he would have some knee-jerk responses to Greek society and the Spirit of Christ moving among them. Must have been more than a challenge to come face to face with an entire nation which openly supported homosexual sexual expression, partly because they lived on islands with limited resources, and had to maintain sustainable populations or die as a nation.

Whenever I hear or read Paul’s comments about wishing people could be like he is, I translate it to the modern ‘Whatever’ thrown around by so many Christians who fear taking time to review their faith in God, their Trust that maybe God can do what He said He’d do, with or without their interference and/or help.

My reasoning? Check out what Jesus said when the Roman authorities suggested he get his followers to stop the parade and the shouts of ‘Hosanna’.
If even the rocks and stones would sing His praise, maybe we’d better just stop the hate speech and take notice.

If you are allowing someone else’s sexuality to interfere with your relationship with God, it isn’t the other person who is at fault. It’s you.

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