Letter to my pastor Amy Lynn Reifsnyder

Hello,  Pastor,
I wanted to let you know my frustration is not about one person or one incident. 
I have openly listened to people share their ideas and opinions, but when I shared my own experiences I was literally shouted down or whispered to, informing me what I know as truth was in fact, a lie.
The weekly sympathetic/sanctimonious prayers for someone to leave behind the homosexual lifestyle have denied the real life experiences that have impacted the humanity of the gay community.
Hearing parroting voices denounce all political candidates other than Donald Trump as demon possessed reflects a serious lack of free thinking.
Insulted because I spoke about scientific data to denounce vaccines as a cause of autism was rude and downright ignorant.
I have repeatedly been told my views are based on false doctrine and lies.
Yet no one was willing to consider that maybe they are wrong, and maybe I know a thing or two because I have not separated myself from friends, family, colleagues,  neighbors, who are gay, Muslim, Hindi, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, and Conservative.
I don’t rely on political and religious pundits to tell me what to believe. I meet people. I listen to their stories. I learn from their stories.
I don’t pounce on them, tell them they are not in God’s will, judge the choices they made based on experiences I will never understand.
It is not safe for my friends to come into [this church]community. And, I have decided that I will not continue to be allied with such a group of people. I have tried to engage in intelligent discourse, but they don’t want to listen to anything but what they’ve been told to believe.
My God is bigger than the Bible, greater than one religious dogma.
I was so hoping I had found a community with which to worship, but I am tired if being shouted down, told I have no understanding,  and insulted.
This is not love.

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